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"You'll be safe here. I promise."
―Rey's father to Rey, before leaving her on Jakku[src]

This human male was the father of Rey and the Strand-Cast clone[1] and "son" of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. After leaving their daughter on Jakku[6] and refusing to reveal her whereabouts, he and Rey's mother were killed by[5] the Sith assassin Ochi of Bestoon.[7]


Rey's father was a genetically engineered Strand-Cast created by the Sith Eternal on Exegol. After the Emperor imperfectly transferred his consciousness into a prepared clone on Exegol immediately prior to the death of his body in the Battle of Endor, his loyal cultists spent years experimenting with creating artificial beings that could house Sidious's enormous power without deteriorating. They created several abominations in their quest to cradle their god-consciousness. Among the litany of failures, one "not-quite-identical" clone of Palpatine survived and even thrived, but lacked any Force-sensitivity whatsoever. Sidious viewed this being as "useless" and "powerless", and could not bear to look upon "such disappointing ordinariness". The only worth the clone boy had to Sidious was continuing his bloodline through natural methods, and the Emperor allowed him to live as his "son".[1]

At some point, he met a woman and sired a Force-sensitive daughter with her whom they named Rey. His daughter and the Emperor's granddaughter proved to be the perfect vessel capable of holding the immense power of the Sith.[1] In 21 ABY,[3] he and Rey's mother left Rey on Jakku for her protection from his "father",[6] and both were subsequently killed by the Sith assassin Ochi with his blade.[5][7]

Behind the scenesEdit

Rey's father was first mentioned, albeit indirectly, in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the first installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.[6] He first appeared in a flashback sequence of the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, where he was portrayed by Billy Howle.[5]

In Star Wars Legends, Emperor Palpatine also had experimented with cloning himself, to which he intended to transfer his spirit.[8] In another work, he also had a son[9] named Triclops, who first appeared in the 1993 book Mission from Mount Yoda, the fourth installment of the young readers Jedi Prince series written by Paul and Hollace Davids.[10] Similarly to Rey's father, Triclops also conceived a child with a woman, and that child became an apprentice of Luke Skywalker as well.[11]


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