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"Rey, be brave."
―Rey's mother[src]

Rey's mother was a human female who worked as a junk trader during the New Republic Era. The father of her child was Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious' cloned son, a strandcast grown from the Emperor's genetic template. Rey was sold at a young age by her mother and father, who sought to hide her on the desert planet Jakku to prevent Sidious from using his granddaughter as a vessel for his essence. Unable to locate Rey, Sidious had the girl's parents killed by the assassin Ochi.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The birth of Rey[edit | edit source]

During the rise of the New Republic, a woman of obscure background became involved with the cloned son—a genetic strandcast—of Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious. The Emperor had not anticipated the woman's relationship with his clone, but through it he sought to continue his bloodline the natural way after genetic experimentation on his template failed to produce a viable host for his essence. When their daughter, Rey, was born[4] in 15 ABY,[5] she inherited her grandfather's connection to the Force, whereas her father had not.[4]

Exile and death[edit | edit source]

"She isn't on Jakku. She's gone."
―Rey's mother, to Ochi[src]

Rey's parents left her on Jakku to prevent Darth Sidious from finding her.

The Emperor intended to transfer his spirit to his granddaughter's body, leaving the unstable cloned body that could not sustain his power in the dark side of the Force. His plan was thwarted, however, by Rey's mother, who escaped into hiding along with her daughter and partner, causing Sidious to dispatch his agent, Ochi, to find them and bring Rey to Exegol. They eventually settled on Jakku, having elected to live in obscurity on a desert planet in order to keep their daughter safe.[4]

Sidious had Rey's mother and father killed for refusing to reveal their daughter's location.

Life on Jakku was difficult for Rey's family, her mother and father struggling to survive as junk traders.[4] Their efforts to hide Rey were nearly compromised when Ochi drew closer to locating them. In an act of desperation, they sold their daughter to Unkar Plutt before Ochi found them. The mother embraced her daughter for the last time, her face partly obscured by a blue shawl. Both she and Rey's father were taken as prisoners by Ochi. Rey watched as Ochi's starship, the Bestoon Legacy, departed from Jakku. Knowing her parents were onboard the transport, she tried to free herself from Plutt's grasp while screaming for her parents to not leave her behind.[2]

As Ochi interrogated the couple regarding their daughter's whereabouts, Rey's mother tried to undermine Ochi's investigation with misinformation, claiming that Rey was not on Jakku and that she was simply gone. Her lie was unacceptable to Sidious' follower; acting on his master's command, he used his dagger to stab Rey's father and then her mother to death.[2] Due to Ochi's subsequent death on Pasaana, however, Rey remained hidden from her grandfather and the Sith Eternal cult that supported him.[4]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

"I never lied to you. Your parents were no one. They chose to be to keep you safe."
―Kylo Ren, to Rey[src]

Rey grew up to become a Jedi and destroyed Sidious, who was her grandfather on her father's side of the family.

Though Rey had all but forgotten her past, she remained on Jakku for years in the hope of reuniting with her mother and father.[4] During that time, she had nightmares of her mother and father abandoning her when she was a child.[2] That memory resurfaced twice in her early adult years, once when she visited Takodana[6] and again during her Jedi training on Ajan Kloss. Following the second occurrence, however, she remembered another forgotten moment from her childhood, in which she found herself in the warm embrace of a woman that she knew to be her mother.[2]

Kylo Ren, had learned about Rey's parents through the Force-bond that connected their minds. What he had seen of them in a Force vision led Ren to dismiss Rey's mother and father as no one[4]—junk traders living on the edge of desperation, who sold their daughter for drinking money before dying and being buried in unmarked graves in the Jakku desert.[7]

After learning the full truth about Rey's parents from Sidious, Ren used that information to tempt Rey to the dark side. This led Rey to recover memories of her childhood, long suppressed, including the last time she saw her parents. The revelation that her grandfather was responsible for their deaths filled the scavenger-turned-Jedi apprentice with a desire for revenge, though ultimately she refused to turn, using the memory of her mother and father to remain entrenched in the light side of the Force. During the Battle of Exegol, Rey succeeded in destroying her grandfather, preventing the rebirth of the Sith.[3]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Weak. Like your parents."
"My parents were strong. They saved me from you."
―Darth Sidious and Rey[src]

Rey was loved by her mother, who endured a life of hardship and sacrifice for her daughter's sake.

The young[2] human female who gave birth to Rey had brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Like the father of her child, she loved Rey and was willing to risk death by hiding her daughter from Darth Sidious.[3] She chose to live in obscurity to keep Rey safe and bore the consequences of her choice, living day-to-day on the edge of desperation.[4] With Ochi on her trail, she made the decision to sell her daughter, though not before embracing her one last time, telling Rey to be brave.[3] Having to give her daughter away, even to keep her safe, drove Rey's mother to tears as they embraced for the final time, neither one wanting to let the other go.[2] She remained defiant during her final moments, refusing to reveal her daughter's whereabouts to the Emperor's hunter even when her life and that of her child's father were threatened.[3]

Rey's mother was dismissed as unimportant and weak by Ren and Sidious, whereas Rey ultimately remembered her as someone who was strong enough to keep her safe from her grandfather.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Rey's mother was first mentioned, albeit indirectly, in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the first installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.[6] She first appeared in a flashback sequence of the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, where she was portrayed by Jodie Comer.[3]

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