"Our inquiries are still incomplete, but at the moment it appears that Lieutenant Kosk and his men were attempting to make a little extra money on the side."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn to Mazzic[src]

Reynol Kosk was a male Human who served in the Imperial Army.


The Human male Reynol Kosk was an Imperial Army[1] soldier[3] who rose to the rank of lieutenant by 9 ABY.[2] An acknowledged expert on the PLX-2M portable missile launcher,[4] he commanded the Imperial garrison on the planet Trogan.[1] In 9 ABY, Kosk was bribed by Niles Ferrier to attack what became the first meeting of the Smugglers' Alliance, even after having been specifically ordered by Grand Admiral Thrawn to leave the group alone.[2] Kosk and the majority of his force were subsequently killed after a brief firefight with the gathered smugglers and mercenaries.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Motivated by wealth and power, Kosk was the type of soldier that Grand Admiral Thrawn saw as a liability to his plans and wanted to remove from the Empire.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Kosk was trained to use a blaster and grenades, and could pilot repulsorlift vehicles.[1]


Lieutenant Kosk wore a stand Imperial Army uniform, and was armed with a blaster pistol. He also carried a comlink, datapad, and survival pack.[1]



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