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The Reytha campaign was a series of battles taking place on the Imperial agricultural world of Reytha, one of the Empire's major "breadbasket" planets, during the Galactic Civil War. The planet faced an incursion by the Rebel Alliance, and its Governor, Antes Belladar, was forced to call for support. Darth Vader arrived with an army to eliminate the Rebel presence on Reytha.


After the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire lost its headquarters on Yavin 4 in 0 ABY, its forces took over the planet Reytha for its extensive food supplies. Reytha's governor, Antes Belladar, was considered by Imperial Intelligence to be either soft or a traitor, and the Rebels were able to establish bases on the Montrosa Islands, as well as at Reytha Minor. Bandits took over the the Food Storage facilities at Breeda, and Page's Commandos attacked the city of Teks. The incursions grew to the point that Governor Belladar was forced to call in reinforcements. The Sith Lord Darth Vader arrived with a strike force on a Lambda-class shuttle. His forces consisted of 2 Viper probe droids, 3 Light All Terrain Personal Transports, 2 Heavy Dewback troopers, 12 Stormtroopers, and a 2-1C medical droid.[1] The campaign was part of the Rebel strategy to distract the Imperial Navy.[2]

The battle[]

Rooting out the cities[]

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Vader and his troops near the city of Breeda.

Darth Vader ordered his troops to go to the abandoned base at Yeere, with the probe droids scouting ahead. The base was reactivated, and the Imperial forces started fighting back against the Rebels. Eventually, the Vipers reported back to Vader regarding an attack on Teks during herding of nerfs discovered to the east of Yeere. The attacks on Teks were later identified to have originated from Reytha Minor, a Rebel-occupied city to the north.[1]

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Additional units, including Imperial Thermal Detonator Troopers, Dark troopers, All Terrain Advance Raiders, Pummels, All Terrain Anti-Aircraft, and mobile artillery pieces were outfitted at Yeere for the attack. The Imperials destroyed the bandits' troop center in Breeda, and after Page's Commandos attacked a stormtrooper squad in Teks, retook the town. Although initially underestimating the size of the Rebel base in Reytha Minor, Darth Vader led his forces in destroying its command center.[1]

As the campaign went on, Darth Vader's frustration with Belladar grew, and with suspicions about the Governor's true allegiance, Vader finally had enough and killed Belladar with a Force choke.[1]

Montrosa Islands[]

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Imperial TIE fighters near the Montrosa Islands

Darth Vader then ordered all Imperial forces on Reytha to converge at the Montrosa Islands. He took command at an Imperial Fortress along with 6 TIE/LN starfighters, 8 ASP-7 labor droids, 16 stormtroopers, 2 All Terrain Scout Transports, 3 All Terrain Personal Transports, and 2 Dewback troopers. Along with other portions of the Imperial Military, he attacked the Rebel bases on the nearby islands, eventually hunting down every unit. To supply his army and navy, he took control of aquaharvesters.[1]

The Alliance Army fielded Tauntaun Troopers, infantry troopers, and combat speeders. The Rebel Navy kept patrols of Hunters, Javelins, and Scouts. The Rebel Air Force harassed the Imperials with Z-95 Headhunters and X-Wings. Darth Vader and his army, though, were able to defeat the Rebel bases.[1]


With the threat to Reytha gone, Darth Vader continued his search for the Rebel leadership in the Outer Rim Territories aboard his flagship, the Executor.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Reytha campaign was first mentioned in the strategy guide for the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. It appeared two consecutive missions during the Darth Vader campaign. The player may create any-sized army to destroy the Rebel bases. In the first mission, retaking Teks and Breeda is an optional objective, although this article assumes the player did so. Page's Commandos appear during the first battle despite the fact that the unit was formed almost 5 years later. Mara Jade can be spotted on the game map during the first Reytha mission. However it requires cheat codes to see her.



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