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Twenty-seven days after his exile from the Galactic Empire, Commander Rezi Soresh landed on a barren red moon; using the data he had compiled over the years, Soresh established an outpost. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Soresh Mission to Nyemari lured the Rebel Alliance pilot Luke Skywalker to his outpost in an attempt to turn him into an assassin by threatening the colony vessel Endeavor. Skywalker and his companions were captured and held for two weeks. Skywalker later betrayed Soresh.

The outpost was destroyed during the Battle of the Sixela system after Soresh launched resonance torpedoes at the sun, though his Rebel prisoners escaped.


By the time the facility was destroyed, the outpost consisted of a small cluster of duracrete buildings. Turbolasers stood over the hostages, who were placed in electrified pens. The long-extinct indigenous population built underground tunnels, which Rezi Soresh used to a great extent. It had been established on the equator of the moon. The outpost also had a command center complete with a holoprojector.


When the Imperial Commander Rezi Soresh fled death at the hands of Darth Vader, he spent twenty-seven days on the run. He ended his journey by settling in the Sixela system, choosing a moon orbiting the third planet. As an Imperial bureaucrat, Soresh had access to a lot of data, and he used that data to bribe or blackmail his way back to power, and established this outpsot on the barren red rock of the moon. He was also able to waylay the colony vessel Endeavor to use as hostages in his plan to turn the Alliance to Restore the Republic pilot Luke Skywalker into a Force-sensitive assassin. Skywalker and his companions arrived at Soresh's outpost after Soresh contacted Skywalker to set a deadline before executing the hostages. Han Solo landed his starship the Millennium Falcon near the outpost and met a hooded man. Two T-65 X-wing starfighters strafed the compound, destroying the turbolasers aimed at the hostages; this angered the hooded man, and he raised his blaster at Solo but was shot instead. The X-wings landed and Skywalker and Leia Organa disembarked. A series of mines started exploding amongst the hostages. The Rebel operatives rushed to assist and were ambushed by Soresh and his mindwiped guards.

Soresh spent the next two weeks torturing Skywalker and putting him through tests; one of these tests backfired and Skywalker's friends escaped, although Skywalker remained behind. Soresh had used the resources available to him to acquire resonance torpedoes from the hidden Maw Installation; these dangerous weapons could turn a star into a supernova. Soresh planned on launching the torpedoes at the system's star after luring Darth Vader, along with the Alliance Fleet to the system, and destroying both. When the time came to launch the torpedoes from the command center, Skywalker betrayed Soresh, but Soresh was able to launch the torpedoes and escape. When the chain reaction in the stars started, the opposing fleets withdrew. Soresh tried to kill Skywalker, but was shot by Solo. The outpost and everything in the system were obliterated when the star exploded.

Behind the scenesEdit

This outpost appears in Alex Wheeler's 2010 novel Rebel Force: Uprising. The moon it is situated on was first said to orbit the third planet, and later the sixth.


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