"This is Captain Rhanken of the independent cargo vessel Barderia. I surrender my vessel. Port and starboard docking ports standing by."
―Captain Rhanken to the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force.[src]

Captain Rhanken of the Corellian freighter Barderia was a middle-aged Human male who may have served as an Imperial officer at one time.

Rhanken was a competent captain, who dropped out of hyperspace just outside of star systems and scanned their communications before jumping all they way in. This was in an effort to avoid pirates, and a successful effort until the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force intervened, intoxicating one of his officers and gleaning the Barderia's navigational secrets from him.

The serious man was able to master his emotions enough to appear unfrightened in front of "General Kargin". He was also ready to sacrifice members of his crew to appear an unerring officer before the "pirates" of an incognito Wraith Squadron and letting his lieutenant take the blame for inconsistent copies of his cargo manifest; the difference was in fact due to Rhanken's orders.

Calm and controlled as he was, Rhanken was still surprised to find the Hawk-bats in the Halmad system upon his return home, when they again unlocked his course-plotting system.


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