This article is about a pilot associated with the bounty hunter Thannik. You may be looking for the planet Rhen Var, the Rhen Varite species, or the Rhen-Orm biomedical corporation.

Rhen, a female Human, was a pilot associated with the bounty hunter Thannik.

Rhen accompanied Thannik on a visit to the Dancing Dewback cantina, where Thannik intended to meet with a Devaronian contact. The outlaw Dirk Harkness, Thannik's protocol droid GT-9R, and a child named Cev Rees also accompanied the hunter. Rees caused Rhen some trouble when he picked the pocket of Fenn, one of the spacers at the bar. When Fenn noticed his wallet was missing, he found Rhen holding it as Rees melted into the crowd. Rhen claimed he had dropped it, and offered the burly spacer a drink in order to avoid any possible confrontation.

Rhen flew a Ghtroc Industries Class 720 freighter named Thannik's Thunder. She flew the freighter in combat against pirates flying Z-95 Headhunters, and against Imperial TIE fighters.