The Rhindon Sword was an antique ceremonial sword that the putative heir to the throne of Alderaan would carry during their Day of Demand. It was a reminder that, in ancient times, the princes and princesses who had made their claims to the crown had sometimes had to fight their way to the throne room. The sword was also carried in the follow-up ceremony after the heir had completed their challenges, where they were formally crowned heir apparent. Although she had practiced with it a few times before, Princess Leia Organa found the sword surprisingly heavy when she picked it up on her own Day of Demand. At her crowning ceremony several months later, after months of pathfinding classes and weapons training, she found the sword lighter.[1]

When not in use the sword hung on a wall.[1]

Grand Moff Tarkin was once described as having a figure as narrow and sharp as the blade of the Rhindon Sword.[1] 

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The Rhindon Sword first appeared in Leia, Princess of Alderaan, a 2017 young-adult novel written by Claudia Gray.[1] The weapon is a reference to Rhindon,[2] the sword of Peter Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia fantasy novels by C. S. Lewis.[3]


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