The Rhinnal State Medical Academy, also known as the University of Rhinnal or the Rhire Medical Academy, was considered one of the foremost schools for medicine in the Galactic Empire. It worked closely with Athakam Medtech to research medical technologies. 2-1B often pulled medical information from the Academy's database during the reconstruction of Darth Vader. The database however, contained no information regarding Sith alchemy.

The institution released an etiological report concerning the middle-class districts on Coruscant and specified 10 species that were at risk of being affected by pollution-induced diseases. The species mentioned in the report were Abinyshi, Bovorian, Chadra-Fan, Mrissi, Mrlssi, Pa'lowick, Quor'sav, Rishii, Shashay, and Vors. The diseases that were discussed in the report included lungrot, dioxo-brionchiectasis shock, silicalung, and hemorrhagic molting.

The report called for planetary reform in pollution standards, especially in the public transit and industrial quarters and called for the phasing out of older air buses that employed propellant-based lateral thrusters and replaced them with more modern units that use directional-repulsorfield steering.

As a result of this report, one family physician, Dr. Rispi Lacendad, encouraged his Chadra-Fan patients to don breathmasks when outdoors.

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