Rho-1 Limulus-class couriers was a type of courier in common use during the Clone Wars.[1]


A small, fast, one position craft designed to move a pilot and small cargo through space in safety and comfort, the Limulus was designed by Kuat Systems Engineering, and incorporated many design aspects of the Delta-class fighter and Eta-class shuttle, sharing many of the same onboard systems as a result.[1] Cutting a striking figure in the spacelanes with a broad half-moon hull, the Limulus had a distinctive tapering spar that extended aft between the engines, providing stabilization in atmosphere and housing the ship's sensors.[1] Carrying little in the way of armor or shields, the Limulus instead relied on the immense thrust provided by its L1011.a fusial thrust ion engines.[1]



Obi-Wan Kenobi's Limulus-class courier

While the ships were once common, especially in the core regions, the Limulus became a rare sight past the Clone Wars, with many being destroyed during the Great Jedi Purge due to their common use by by Jedi Ambassadors and Jedi Sentinels.[1] Those that survived the purge are often cobbled together with spare parts, and are in lackluster condition - though function well due to the hardiness of the design.[1]

Older models required a hyperdrive ring for interstellar travel, but newer Limulus' contained an unassisted class 2 hyperdrive.[1]



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