Rhya Taloon was a Human female Senator of Agridorn who served in the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the time of the Clone Wars.


When Palpatine established his New Order in 19 BBY, Rhya Taloon refused to serve the Empire and managed to flee after the Empire placed a death mark on her head. Fearful of facing death at the hands of Palpatine's agents, she escaped to the depths of Coruscant and became a member of the Erased, an organization that remained secret by destroying IDs and data.[1]

Shortly afterwards, Taloon and the Erased encountered a former Jedi Padawan named Ferus Olin and they agreed to help him and Trever Flume to find Solace. However, stormtroopers were able to discover the location and attack one of the Erased's bases in which Taloon was killed.[1]



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