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During the time of the Clone Wars, a Rhydonium mining installation was in use in the city of Pons Ora on the outback planet Abafar. The Confederacy of Independent Systems mined the valuable and explosive fuel Rhydonium there. The fuel was used in a plan to stock a stolen Republic ship and send it to the Republic strategy conference. The Galactic Republic's D-Squad had their ship crashland on Abafar, and later, with the help of a clone commando named Gregor, who suffered from amnesia, they managed to steal a transport, and return the encryption module to Coruscant, which they got from their previous mission. Gregor stayed behind to cover their escape, and the fuel went off, heavily damaging the facility.

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The Rhydonium mining installation first appeared in "A Sunny Day in the Void", an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that first aired on December 7, 2012.[1]



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