Rhysati Ynr was a Human female from Bespin who served in the New Republic Defense Force as a starfighter pilot with Rogue Squadron during the unit's war against Imperial Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard.


Ynr fled her homeworld during the Imperial occupation of Cloud City and made her way to the New Republic, serving under the call sign Rogue Seven when the squad reformed in 6 ABY. She flew with distinction throughout the Isard campaign and, with the rest of her squadmates, resigned her commission to wage an insurgency against an Isard-led junta on Thyferra.

She became friends with Corran Horn and later married fellow Rogue Nawara Ven, a Twi'lek attorney who joined Rogue Squadron at the same time as she did. She resigned her commission permanently shortly before the resurgence of the Empire under Grand Admiral Thrawn.

During Lando Calrissian's mission to save Kessel, Ynr piloted an Eta-5 interceptor acquired under illicit circumstances in a bid to stop Kessel from being destroyed by a mysterious force. She loaned the fighter to Wedge Antilles during the mission after he expressed an interest in flying it.[2]



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