Rian Darok was a Human male colonel in the Republic Army during the Galactic War against the reconstituted Sith Empire.


He headed the Korriban Incursion ops in 3638 BBY. Coincidentally, the Sith Empire launched an Assault on Tython at the same time and Darok had to rally his forces to defend the planet. The Republic strike team under his command during these back to back battles were granted the Medal of Valor and Darok was tasked with aiding the Jedi in recovering from the attack. Since the Assault on Tython, Darok has been keeping a low profile: strategy meetings with special forces officers and spending a lot of time in his terminal. Still, he made two intelligence requests from Republic Strategic Information Service: "Isotope-5 Proliferation and Deployment in the Empire" and "Known Smugglers: Inner Rim".

Suspicious of the timing of the attacks and of Darok's withholding information, SIS agent Theron Shan tracked him to a secret laboratory complex on Manaan with the aid of Lana Beniko, who shared similar suspicions; she had been the advisor to Darth Arkous of the Dark Council, who had orchestrated the attack on Tython. They learned that Darok and Arkous were members of the secretive Order of Revan, originally believed to have been a fringe group within the Empire, who sought to use Rakata technology to create an "Infinite Army". The Republic and Imperial pursuers tracked the two men to Lehon (or Rakata Prime, as it was known then), the former capital of the Infinite Empire, where the Revanites oversaw the creation of their army. Confronted at the summit of the Temple of the Ancients, Darok refused to be taken prisoner and was killed along with Arkous, despite Theron's hope that he could be taken alive so that they could learn more about the Revanites. But it was soon revealed that they were not the real leaders, as Revan himself arrived soon after.[2]



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