"Reymet try hard make creds to help Riao go home to Felacat. He thinks maybe Coruscant not so good for me. Make me sick. Reymet best heart I find since parents die. Good heart him."
―Riao Siao, to Lissa Autem[src]

Riao Siao was a female Felacatian and the girlfriend of Reymet Autem.


A female Felacatian, Riao Siao was an orphan who lived on the planet of Coruscant.

In 23 BBY, Siao began dating Reymet Autem, a Human and the son of a Senate Guard named Sagoro Autem. Reymet's father was a stern man, and didn't care for his son dating someone of a different species and social class. Reymet, however, having recently been suspended from the Senate Guard Academy—a fact unknown to his father—was seeking to do all he could to shirk Autem's rules and continued to date Siao. The two young lovers had plans to leave the planet together, and head to Siao's homeworld of Felacat.

Siao and Reymet were both pit racers, participating in the illegal sport without caution. The sport was practiced in the garbage pits of the Lower City. Contestants competed in unique, individually-made pit racers, gliders in which they descended the garbage pits to the lowest levels, where they collected scales from the backs of garbage worms. Since garbage canisters, regularly ejected from the pits into orbit, could kill the competitors, the races were subject to Judicial raids.


Reymet Autem competing in a pit race

One day, Siao, Reymet, and Reymet's little sister Lissa Autem attended one of the races, where Reymet competed. While they were there, however, Judicial Forces raided the garbage pit, and Siao resisted arrest. She was stunned by an officer, and Reymet assaulted the man in response. Unknown to Siao and Autem's children, Sagoro Autem and his partner Isaru Omin had previously infiltrated the crowd, seeking to rescue his his son and daughter from the raid. Just as all three children were being arrested, Autem and Omin revealed themselves to the Judicial officers. Autem used his authority to have Reymet and Lissa released, but allowed the Judicials to take Siao away, not caring what happened to her.

After Venco Autem, Sagoro's brother and an ex-convict, was released from prison and attempted to reunite with his family, Reymet was shocked to witness his father's cold treatment of his uncle and ended up running away from their home. He located Siao where she was being held in custody, and she tearfully shouted through the bars for him to help her. Reymet brashly confronted one of the guards, who then threatened to place Reymet in jail alongside Siao. Suddenly, his uncle Venco appeared and skillfully bribed the guards to release Siao, who was overjoyed to be set free. The pair immediately began to make plans once more to move to Felacat, and Venco himself said that he would foot the bill for their departure. First, however, Venco asked Reymet to repay him for his kindness with a small favor—the access codes known only to Senate Guards. Reymet, not fully aware of his uncle's past, was impressed by Venco's generosity, and agreed to his stipulations. As Reymet's codes had been invalidated due to his suspension from the Academy, he gave Venco his father's access codes, which Autem was unaware that his son knew.

Soon, Reymet was confronted by his father while packing to leave with Siao, and he was made aware of the full breadth of Venco's sins; the planning of two assassinations, one completed and one still in motion, in order to bench the Financial Reform Act that sought to prevent the Galactic Republic from tearing apart. Autem allowed his son to leave, and he and Siao finally managed to make their way offworld.


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