"This district always had rib-cats, but then the shops started laying down paw spikes to shoot them off. My place doesn't have paw spikes and it seems like more cats show up every day."

Rib-cats were a species of non-sentient cats found on the moon of Nar Shaddaa. Thin with long, pointed ears and sharp teeth, the species possessed six legs. Their fur came in various shades of brown and tan and their eyes could be gold, black or brown. Some rib-cats were domesticated and kept as pets and could even form a pack-bond with their owner. The con man Loonoo kept several of them. A large population of wild rib-cats lived in Nar Shaddaa's Corellian Sector and to keep the teeming rib-cats away, many shopkeepers on the moon laid out paw spikes outside their shops. Nonetheless, they still ran wild in the district to the extent that the smuggler Sana Starros commented that she had lost count how many rib-cats had come aboard her ship. The cats were predatorial creatures and were known to hunt and eat rats and fish. Domesticated rib-cats also ate rib-cat food, vitablox and the broth from purlah soup and would cry when hungry.[1]


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