Riboga's Barge was a barge that had once been owned by Riboga the Hutt. When the Hutt lost control of the Cularin system's crime to Nirama, he hastily sold off many of his possessions. A pair of Trandoshans bought his barge and converted into the preeminent casino of Tolea Biqua. The Trandoshans had a history of bad blood with the Hutts, and found the opportunity to buy a Hutt's barge too rich to pass up on. They probably gave the establishment such a transparent name as a gesture of contempt toward the Hutt.[1]

The barge was divided into two sections—a public (but pay) area and a member's only section. The members area not only had the high stakes game, but luxury lounges: The Hutt's bathing pool had been converted into a large hottub, and his never-used breeding chamber had been turned into a sarcastically named "Museum of Useless Inventions."[1]

One of Riboga's previous employees in the barge, gladiator and waiter Bez, was employed by the Trandoshan as a dealer for the public area.[1]

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