Rischard Donat (born June 1, 1941) is a Canadian actor known for his roles in Canadian and American television. He is a cast member of the Canadian-American TV series Haven. Donat is the younger brother of Peter Donat and the nephew of British actor Robert Donat. He voiced Deej Warrick on the animated TV series Star Wars: Ewoks.


Donat has had a long career playing character roles mainly on television. He has had minor roles in films such as The Weight of Water and Amelia. He has also narrated several documentaries, including a number of Nova episodes.

Donat played Doctor Burnley in the Canadian television series Emily of New Moon from 1998 to 2000. He played Colonel Boyle, the fort commander in the Canadian comedy series Blackfly for its two seasons, 2001-2002. He currently plays Vince Teagues, one of the editors of the local newspaper in the town of Haven from the TV series of the same name.

In 1984 Donat won a Dora Mavor Moore Award for "Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Leading Role" for his work in Brecht's In the Jungle of Cities. In 2007 he won a Merritt Award for "Outstanding Performance - Supporting Actor" for his role in Sam Shepard's Fool For Love. Richard Donat is also a director and won the Mecca Award in 2004 for his direction of The Drawer Boy.

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