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Ridala was a cargo freighter operated by an independent captain during the revolt against the Eternal Empire of Zakuul. It was captured by Eternal Empress Vaylin and SCORPIO and used to infiltrate the Gravestone. They killed the captain of Ridala and staged an attack on it by the Eternal Fleet. When the Gravestone piloted by Koth Vortena arrived to combat the Fleet, the freighter send a distress call, with SCORPIO impersonating its captain. Vortena allowed Ridala to land inside the Gravestone hangar for repairs, from where SCORPIO, Vaylin and a host of Knights of Zakuul and Horizon Guard rounded up Koth's crew and took control of the vessel. The Gravestone with Ridala still docked inside later traveled to Iokath system, where SCORPIO used it to travel to the surface of Iokath. She later remotely piloted the shuttle into the massive energy shield that surrounded the world to demonstrate its destruction to member of the Alliance.[1]

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Ridala appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne, identified by name during Chapter II: Run for the Shadows.

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