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An A280 blaster rifle

A rifle was a type of firearm that was generally larger and more powerful than a pistol. Rifles could also fire at greater range than pistols, but required the shooter to wield the weapon with both hands in order to use it properly.[1] Rifles varied in size and power from the popular blaster rifle, to the less-used slugthrower rifle, to the powerful light repeating blaster. Another type of rifle was the sniper rifle, which was used to fire at targets at long range. Sniper rifles often had a bipod and targeting scope to aid in targeting at extreme distances.[2]

Many rifles had a switch that enabled the shooter to switch firing modes from single-shot mode to autofire mode, that is, rapid automatic fire.[1] A few rifles were only able to fire in autofire mode such as the heavy assault blaster rifle[3] and the light repeating blaster.[1] Some blaster rifles had a switch that enabled the shooter to switch to a non-lethal stun damage setting, however the range was extremely limited within approximately 9 meters.[1]

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A model of sniper rifle used by assassin Zam Wesell



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