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"…a planet that has three suns. There can't be many systems like that—in fact, only one. Riflor."
Anakin Skywalker[src]

Riflor was a tectonically active Mid Rim planet located in the trinary star system of Riflorii on the Cerean Reach with a tendency to change its gravitational pull. The native population was known for its bureaucracy and engineering accomplishments.


A planet ravaged by tectonic instability and geothermal vents, the harsh landscape was dotted by volcanic activity and destroyed civilizations. Native fungi grew around the vents and few other locations with a steady source of water. The native Advozsec evolved out of reptile-analogs, adapting to the harsh environs and low-level of sun light that pierced the dense cloud cover of the world.[4]


The approach to Riflor.

A civilization of reptomammals, the Advozsec were able to eke out an existence on their unstable world, though they grew pessimistic as a culture and learning to adapt their construction habits to prevent widespread catastrophe. Developing their own hyperdrive technology before making contact with the greater galaxy, the Advozsec drew the attention of scouts from the Galactic Republic circa 10,000 BBY. Gaining representation in the Galactic Senate on Coruscant, the species was often perceived as being decent bureaucrats.

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, the constant earthquakes caused for the ruinous city walls to sway back and forth like ocean waves. The ancient ruins were ransacked for ressources at the time.[8]

When the Clone Wars erupted between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Riflor's Senator Silvu Donte attempted to secede from the Republic but the planet was quickly placed under the guardianship of the 19th Sector Army of the Grand Army of the Republic and was unable to support the Separatist cause in any substantial way. Despite this, a strong Separatist leaning permeated the society and representatives of the Republic were not welcome. This was discovered by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi when he crash-landed on the planet and was assaulted by a gang of smugglers on the planet. While the spacers engaged the Jedi in combat, the native population did not take up arms against the Jedi.[9]

When the Galactic Empire came to power, Advozsec involved in Riflor's rich mining operations were cut off from planetary decision making by their Imperial overseers. While most Advozsec supported the Empire, with many serving in its bureaucracy, the Imperial forces on Riflor had to put down several protests demanding a greater Advozse voice. In the decades following the Galactic Civil War, the world was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong as they waged their campaign of conquest and terror across the galaxy. Creating a bio-virus which killed off Riflor's plant life, the Advozsec who remained on the world died of malnutrition. The species survived only through those Advozsec found on other planets and colonies.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Despite Riflor's apparent fate during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the maps of the conflict in The Essential Atlas show Riflor to not have been conquered, or even ventured near, by the Yuuzhan Vong.[1]



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