This article is about the larger canyon. You may be looking for the Chasm, the canyon east of the Rift that was straddled by Anil Kesh.

The Rift was a massive, jagged tear in the ground, many kilometers wide and deep on the planet Tython. This enormous canyon was wracked with volcanic and seismic activity, marked with jagged spires and dangerous quicksand pits. It was a wild place, far from the cities. Difficult to reach and challenging to navigate once there, the Rift was a place where many Je'daii went to hone their survival skills. Within the Rift was the Abyss of Ruh, a mysterious region where pit-spawned beasts were found that were unique to this area. This was where the Je'daii found the creatures on which the scientists of Anil Kesh experimented.

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