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The mission to support the Rift Alliance was undertaken in 3642 BBY as an initiative that the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order prioritized in order to ensure the former remained stable as war ensued at the same time. Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus understood that the Rift Alliance was essential to keep the Republic secure and that their potential secession could cripple it. The Jedi Master known as the Barsen'thor was tasked to serve as a liaison to the Rift Alliance and assist them in the endeavors to ensure the Alliance knew the Republic valued them and was committed to them.[2]

The Barsen'thor saved their leaders above Deralia after the Sith Empire decided to strike at them and the Sith were able to continue to observe their efforts over time. The Barsen'thor aided the Alliance on Balmorra where he helped to liberate the planet and on Hoth to defeat the White Maw pirates. These missions saw the Alliance commit themselves to the Republic and it was revealed after this that one member was in fact a mole that worked for the Empire; this revelation sparked a hunt for a little-known opponent that operated in the shadows.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"The Republic is badly weakened. The Rift Alliance controls critical resources, armies, trade centers. If they leave, the Republic will die."
―Dorian Janarus explains the situation regarding the need to keep the Rift Alliance in the Republic[src]

The Rift Alliance was a subfaction that was established in the Cold War and was shaped because of shared protests about incompetence in the Galactic Republic with a threat to secede from it due to this. But to lose even one planet could have proven to be catastrophic and all would have contributed to some level to the Republic's possible collapse given their current situation in war with the Sith Empire.

But not all members were hostile towards the Republic with Sarkhai and Balmorra as planets that supported the Republic in principle. Balmorra and Manaan were not secessionist since both were neutral planets (Manaan was neutral for just over three centuries and their status was challenged in the past on occasion). Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus knew the impact that secession would have on the Republic and decided to approach the Jedi High Council for their diplomatic prowess in navigating the precarious situation. It was decided that the Jedi Consular known as the Barsen'thor (a newly promoted Jedi Master) would take up the task of ensuring the Alliance would remain with the Republic; his task was to soothe their concerns and provide them with assistance to demonstrate that the Republic was there to assist them and both supported and valued them and their contributions. This in turn also made the Barsen'thor a liaison between the Alliance and the Republic.[2]

There were several members comprising the Rift Alliance:

The Fortitude[edit | edit source]

The Fortitude above Deralia.

The Barsen'thor traveled to Deralia where he was to board the Fortitude to meet the Rift Alliance members. But when he arrived Nadia Grell (the daughter of Senator Tobas Grell) contacted him to alert him that the Sith struck at the ship and boarded the Fortitude while sealing off the bridge. Grell provided the Jedi Master with directions to a console that could override the command that prevented access to the bridge while the Barsen'thor cautioned Grell to remain hidden to ensure that she was safe.[2]

The Jedi Master overrode the Sith's command and managed to get to the bridge where the Rift Alliance members were being held for execution. Grell herself held the Sith Arrax at blasterpoint in order to protect her injured father before the Barsen'thor arrived and defeated Arrax in combat after his failure to negotiate a peaceful solution to their predicament. But Senator Grell highlighted that the ship was set on a collision course with Deralia and all life support had been disabled; he further suggested overloading the engines hoping for a course change even though it meant that it would crash into the moon Aderalis. But this was a sentiment the Rift Alliance leaders shared since it provided them with adequate time to escape. But the Barsen'thor agreed with the senator's daughter that allowing it to crash on the moon could impact the moon's tide and affect Deralia's conditions; it was decided that the ship's thrusters would be used to maneuver the ship into the planet's orbit with each person manning a console to steer the ship.[2]

The next step was to reach the engine room to man thruster consoles to steer the ship into orbit and which would enable the team enough time to get to the Barsen'thor's ship; the Jedi Master was able to clear out other Sith forces onboard the ship including the Sith Melikah and Tasandra.[2]

Balmorra[edit | edit source]

Tai Cordan: "But, if Balmorra's liberated, I'll see we join the Republic. And bring our droid armies with us."
Barsen'thor: "The Republic would be honored to have you."
Alauni: "The Republic actually helping Balmorra? That would be…a start."
―Tai Corden, the Barsen'thor, and Alauni discuss Balmorra entering the Republic[src]

The first test for the Barsen'thor was to aid the trade secretary Tai Cordan liberate Balmorra and remove the Imperial presence from the planet. He directed the Jedi Master to locate and secure support from the resistance leader Zenith as well as corporations that could provide resources to remove the Empire from the planet. But the other objective was to save the President Retheus Galthe who was held captive in an undisclosed location. The Barsen'thor arrived first at the Farnel Outpost to contact Zenith from Bugtown; the Twi'lek was hesitant to help him since he believed the Republic was incapable of freeing his world though asked the Jedi to prove himself. He tasked him with locating the Imperial head of manufacturing Trabier inside the Okara Droid Factory in the Markaran Plains region. The Jedi there confronted and redeemed the Sith apprentice Lerek Serrus (governor in the Sith's puppet government) and convinced him to stand down and abandon the dark side. Serrus' departure enabled him to confront Trabier though Zenith injured him despite the Jedi's protests.[3]

The Barsen'thor managed to convince Zenith of the merits in taking Trabier as a prisoner despite Zenith's reluctance at which stage the Twi'lek decided to aid him in fulfilling his objectives. The Jedi was later sent to meet Director Fenn of the Troida Corporation to speak with other corporations to unite against the Sith before meeting with him in an old records vault in the Gorinth Canyon.[3][4]

"Balmorra is mine!"
―Darth Lachris taunts the Barsen'thor and Zenith before the duel that kills her[src]

Both the Jedi and Zenith located Galthe encased in carbonite in Processing Room 59 as the Sith Lord Darth Lachris had tortured him and froze him. The two confronted and killed Lachris before securing the weakened Galthe whose torture took far too much of a toll on him to be able to reassume his presidential duties. This made his position vacant and led to the Balmorra citizens committee to name Cordan as his successor as president. This was after Zenith suggested covering up Galthe's condition since it would demoralize the citizens; the Barsen'thor argued that the people deserved to learn the truth about what was done to their leader.[3][4][5][6]

The success on Balmorra also prompted Zenith to leave the planet in order to join the Barsen'thor. Reclaiming the planet also allowed for the Republic to gain access to the planet's weapons facilities to shore up their resources for the war. Cordan remained behind on Balmorra to lead his people.[3][4][6]

Attis Station[edit | edit source]

Nadia Grell uses the Force to defeat the Imperial soldiers.

The Sith led an attack on Attis Station over Quesh prompting the Barsen'thor to remove their presence from the station. Nadia decided to travel alongside him and onboard the station found the doors were jammed. Grell used a manual override code in oder to open them and found door controls inside which she used to close the doors before Quesh's toxic atmosphere contaminated the station. The cameras were able to locate the surviving researchers who were trapped in a separate wing on the station with Sith forces heading there. But Imperial troops surrounded them forcing Grell to unleash a burst of Force energy to incapacitate them and therefore revealing herself to the Barsen'thor as a Force-sensitive.[6][7]

Grell tasked the Jedi with getting to the scientists using her override command while she diverted the troops so that the Jedi had an easier time getting to them and securing their release. The scientists were saved and the Jedi defeated Kadon Vul in the process; the Sith Kyrus spoke via hologram with the Jedi alluding to the fact that he was observing him and the Rift Alliance since the incident onboard the Fortitude.[7]

Tracked[edit | edit source]

Onboard the ship Senator Grell informed the Barsen'thor that he discovered an Imperial tracking device. This led to the realization that there was a mole within the Rift Alliance and prompted the Jedi to believe that the traitor would soon reveal themselves given enough time.[6]

Hoth[edit | edit source]

The Jedi Master's next task was to travel to Hoth to aid the coalition forces that failed to defeat the White Maw pirates that were under the command of Captain Valon. He was to meet with Lieutenant Felix Iresso whose squad was pondering desertion due to the low morale and the continual failures against the pirates. Private Kree in particular voiced concern with their assignment and believed that defeat was inevitable while Valon seemed to be invincible to their continued offensives. Iresso briefed the Jedi that Hoth was overrun with pirates harassing Rift Alliance shipping lanes and that the Republic was sent to help; the Republic lost to Valon and no further reinforcements could be spared to assist them.[8][9]

Iresso handed command over to the Jedi Master and met inside Aurek Base to learn more about their enemies; Iresso said that troop morale was almost non-existent before discovering that Valon stole a thermal bore. This device could enable him to crack Hoth's ice shelf and had the potential to decimate Republic bases. Iresso's team refused to battle Valon further to which the Barsen'thor decided to confront him. The Jedi defeated the pirate and Valon was presumed killed in combat. This was after he followed the thermal bore's transponder signature to the Crescent Canyon Laboratory. Upon his departure he learnt via hologram that Valon survived and took control of a heat exchanger that powered all Republic bases and that its destruction would ensure the Republic forces would freeze to death. The Jedi secured the heat exchanger in the Tromper Crags Geothermal Plant in the Highmount Ridge region where he encountered an Imperial engineer. The latter told the Jedi that Valon wore a special regenerative armor that could restore people from near-fatal injuries and that the Empire discovered it in crashed wreckage before Valon stole it. The Empire had attempted to capture Valon to reclaim it but the commando was instead ordered to capture the Jedi and lure Valon out; the Barsen'thor decided to let the commando leave.[8][9][10]

The Barsen'thor headed to Outpost Onith to meet with Iresso but there faced off and defeated pirates sent to deal with them. This enabled for the Jedi to resume his search for Valon and located the Ice Spine Imperial lab where he found the lead scientist Jurnak whom he questioned about the armor. Jurnak was taken as a prisoner and the Jedi proceeded to the Glacial Fissure to a scavenger camp to face Valon. He defeated Valon in the Starship Graveyard where the Star of Coruscant was located and took Valon as a prisoner after also defeating his captain.[8][10][11]

The aftermath of the skirmish on Hoth also prompted Iresso to leave his position so that he could join the Barsen'thor's team while Lavik would assume command from Iresso.[8]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Rift Alliance pledged their support for the Republic following their assignment on Hoth due to the Barsen'thor's actions and his commitment to aiding them with their own concerns. This proved instrumental as it was the Rift Alliance aided the Jedi Master in hunting down the Children of the Emperor resulting in the climactic confrontation with the First Son on Corellia in 3641 BBY.[12]

The immediate aftermath of what transpired on Hoth was that it was revealed that Augin Blaesus was a Child of the Emperor and the mole within the Rift Alliance. The Barsen'thor confronted Blaesus and his subordinate Kyrus and defeated them.[13]

The new Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh (appointed following Janarus' assassination over Corellia[14]) authorized substantial resources and reparations to the Rift Alliance in response to both their original grievances and in gratitude for helping to save the Republic.

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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