Riggs Ashar was a male Human who was born on a planet located in the galaxy. As a youth, Ashar used his toughness and strength to gain power over his fellows, who were reluctant to fight back due to his durability. Eventually, Ashar became a soldier in his homeworld's militia, where his violent and antagonistic attitude continued. His attitude earned him an assignment to guard the landing area at a local spaceport, instead of the assignments he wanted. During his time guarding at the spaceport, Ashar frequented a nearby spacer bar where he used his militia position to assert authority over the people there.


A male Human, Riggs Ashar was born on a planet located in the galaxy. During his youth, Ashar's large size, toughness, and strength allowed him to intimidate the majority of his fellow children into doing what he wanted. Later in his life, Ashar became a soldier in his home planet's militia, which did not upset people who knew him. Although many people thought he would do well in the militia, Ashar's violent nature and lack of intelligence prevented him from getting the assignments he had hoped to receive upon joining. Instead, the militia assigned Ashar to guard duty at a local spaceport where he was stationed at the landing area.[1]

By that time, Ashar had become acquainted with a couple of individuals who followed him around to back him up during confrontations, due to the fact that they enjoyed watching Ashar intimidate others. While he was stationed at the spaceport, Riggs Ashar frequented a local spacer bar where he used his militia position and large size to continue to intimidate others and attempt to earn their respect. Always ready for a fight, Ashar believed that he was unbeatable, but his bravado actually dissuaded many individuals from fighting him. At that point in his life, Ashar's main goals were to become famous and gain riches, but due to his lowly position he settled for bullying others less powerful than himself.[1]

Personality and traits[]

During his youth, Ashar was larger, stronger, and tougher than the other children he knew, a fact which allowed him to bully them. Ashar was still strong and durable as an adult when he joined the militia. At the beginning of his career in the militia, Ashar's poor intelligence, violent nature, and belligerence caused him to miss out on the assignments he wanted to receive. His goals were to gain wealth and fame, but Ashar was content with intimidating those with whom he came into contact. He was extremely confident in his own toughness and strength, believing that he could defeat anyone, which caused many individuals to avoid fighting him. When attempting to intimidate someone, Ashar frequently made stupid jokes to embarrass or intimidate the person. Throughout his life, Ashar enjoyed the power that he gained through intimidation.[1]

Despite his below-average intelligence, Ashar was skilled in fixing mechanical devices and using computers. He was trained in using blasters, focusing on blaster rifles; heavy weaponry; and vibro weapons. He was skilled in using light types of armor and his strength served him well in hand-to-hand combat. Riggs Ashar had brown eyes, shortly cropped light brown hair, and dark-colored skin. As an adult, he stood nearly two meters tall and was covered in small scars that he had received in the numerous fights in which he had taken part. His body was broad and strong, and he possessed a thick neck.[1]


During his time in the militia, Ashar owned a combat jumpsuit that he nearly always wore for protection. He also wore a belt where he tucked his combat gloves and he owned a blaster rifle that he usually held in his hands, ready for use.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Riggs Ashar was first featured in Ultimate Adversaries, a 2004 sourcebook written by Eric Cagle, Michelle Lyons, Michael Mikaelian, Steve Miller, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Wil Upchurch for the revised edition of Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Ashar received an entry in the first chapter of the book, which presented various antagonists for gamemasters to use. Ashar was appropriate for low-leveled characters and could be used by gamemasters in whatever location or era they wanted. An image of Riggs Ashar was created by Daniel Falconer for the character's entry in the book.[1]


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