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Major Rigosso was a Belugan henchman who worked for the ruler of Quarzite, Otua Blank.


In 21 BBY, Rigosso and a team of six bounty hunters were hired by the leader of Quarzite, Otua Blank. Their objective was to protect Blank's unwilling bride, the Kage Pluma Sodi as she was trapped in a chest. The fight between the bounty hunters and Kage Warriors resulted in over half the hunters being thrown from the train. Blank's loyal henchman, Rigosso, teamed up with what was left of the hunters. The Kage people were suffering an increasing number of casualties, and the battle for Pluma seemed in favor for the decreased number of just two hunters and the loyal Major Rigosso.

Pluma's brother, who was the leader of Kage warriors, boarded the subtram as it approached Otua Blank's fortress. Rigosso was the first to confront Krismo Sodi as he boarded Blank's subtram. Sodi and Rigosso both exchanged words, and Rigosso taunted Sodi into a fight. Sodi threw his blade into Rigosso's chest, killing the Belugan. Sodi recovered his blade and continued to his sister, rescuing her with the help of one of the bounty hunters, Asajj Ventress. The subtram continued to its destination, but Blank found Boba Fett in the chest instead of his bride.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Over my dead body!"
―Rigosso's last words[src]

Major Rigosso was loyal to his leader, Otua Blank and therefore accompanied his leader's cargo to protect it from the Kage Warriors. He was also loyal enough to tell the Kage Warrior's leader that if he wanted the cargo they'd have to kill him to get to it (which the leader complied to in short order).

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Rigosso made his first appearance during the 20th episode of the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and was voiced by Tom Kane.



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