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Riileb was a planet in Hutt Space and the homeworld of the Riileb species.[2] This planet was one of the few worlds within Hutt Space other than the Sakiyan worlds to maintain independence against Hutt influence. It was a hot and torrid world which supported a wide range of flora and fauna. Much of the planet was covered in oceans with islands being the only landforms.


The planet was hot and muggy, making it uncomfortable by most species' standards. However, this environment supported a vast array of organisms, ranging from microscopic bacteria to complex avians and mammals; many species of its native insects were renowned for their uncomfortable bites. Water covered most of the world; islands were the only significant land forms. Riileb cities were situated on these islands and consisted of labyrinthine twists and alleyways, holdovers from the mounds built by the species in ancient times.[4]



Riileb was the homeworld of the Riileb species.

The eldest female member of the motherclan, those Riileb whose ancestry supposedly stretched directly back to the species' mythical forebear, ruled the world and its inhabitants through her possession of an artifact known as the ClanRing. This ruler passed the ring and her power on to her eldest female descendent when the daughter reached 30 local years (roughly 21 standard years) of age. Nevertheless, the succession was often marred by political intrigue and even assassinations.[4]

The world had access to all aspects of galactic technology. Offworld visitors were rare, although some traders chose to pick up cargoes of heklu, amphibious animals whose meat was en vogue in the Core Worlds. Due to its independence despite being located in the midst of Hutt Space, some offworlders chose to seek temporary haven on the world as they evaded the Hutts.[4]


A band of Nimbanese scouts were the first offworlders to visit Riileb. They were an advance team sent by their Hutt overlords on a mission to find more slaves for their masters and expand the bounds of Hutt Space. A series of skirmishes ensued on the world, pitting the Riileb against the forces of Velrugha the Hutt. Despite having only reached feudal levels of technology, the Riileb managed to repel the aggressors, and Velrugha eventually chose to leave the planet and search for less resistant prey.[4]

As a consequence of this incident, Riileb was left as one of the few independent islands within Hutt Space alongside the Sakiyan worlds.



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