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A species of insects native to the planet Riileb in Hutt Space eventually evolved into the sentient Riileb species, who could grow to between 2 and 2.75 meters tall. The precursor species were social in nature and possessed antennae. They lived on the few islands amongst the swamps of their homeworld, where they built complex labyrinth-like mounds to live in. The Riileb retained many aspects of the species's insectoid heritage including their antennae. They also built cities similarly complex to their ancestors mounds. The First Riileb to have evolved from the precursor species was an important figure in Riileb legend.[1]

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The Riilebs' precursor species was first mentioned in 1997 in the thirteenth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journals, a series of supplements to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games. They were mentioned in the article "Alien Encounters," which was written by Brian Smithson and later republished in a reduced form in the book Alien Encounters in 1998, a compilation by Paul Sudlow of all the "Alien Encounters" articles with other material.


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