Rikal Stargunner was a Human male who worked as a bodyguard for the Corporate Sector Authority member and aspiring crime lord Kaeline Ungasan. When his boss tried to subvert the Desilijic Hutts' financial control over the planet Ando Prime, Stargunner accompanied him. Ungasan had set up a new Podrace, the Ungasan Cross Country, as a front for an illegal mining operation, but the Podracer Ree, his accomplice, went missing. Stargunner and Ungasan later searched for Ree in Juaka Canyon, engaging in a firefight with the native Talids and a group hired by the Twi'lek Jer Blankuna.


A Human male, Rikal Stargunner worked as bodyguard for Kaeline Ungasan, an aspiring crime lord and member of the Corporate Sector Authority,[1] in the time period shortly before the Clone Wars.[2] Ungassan wanted to subvert the financial control that the Desilijic Hutts had over the planet Ando Prime with their Ando Overland Podracing event, as well as secretly mine the valuable metal Vonium without having to get the land rights or permits. To do so, Ungasan planned to host a new racing event, the Ungasan Cross Country. He had the Twi'lek Podracer Ree acquire scanning equipment from Geon Justic of the Elesa Mining Union in exchange for CSA merchandise, which he then had attached to Podracers in order to scan for deposits of Vonium during the new event. When Ungasan traveled to the town of Elesa to check on this illicit mining operation, Stargunner accompanied him to the office of the Elesa Mining Union to speak to Justic about Ree's current location.[1]

Ree had gone missing, so Justic told Ungasan where Ree had went, Juaka Canyon, and they headed off. A group hired by Jer Blankuna, the Hutts' Twi'lek agent on Ando Prime, was also looking for Ree, as Blankuna had told the group that Ree was his missing son in an attempt to hide his true motive of uncovering Ungasan's reasons for the Podrace. Once in the canyon together, Ungasan, Stargunner, and Ree had to fight off the native Talids as well as the group Blankuna had hired.[1]


Stargunner was equipped with a blaster rifle, comlink, datapad, padded battle armor, a field kit, and a vibroblade.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Rikal Stargunner was created as a character players meet while playing the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. He appeared in the "Snow Job" adventure in Star Wars Gamer 2, which was written by Daniel Kaufman[1] and published by Wizards of the Coast in February 2001.[4] The story does not reveal the fate of Stargunner and his boss, instead leaving the outcome in the hands of the players: If Stargunner and Ungasan cannot win the fight, they would decide to surrender themselves to Blankuna's group—the players.[1]


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