"You couldn't just let the droid take the fall, could you? No one would have known. No one would have cared that he wasn't guilty."
―Rikard Lovas after his scheme was found out[src]

Rikard Lovas was a Kubaz male banker who regularly conducted business on the planet Jakku. Having fallen into gambling debts owed to the Irving Boys, Lovas formed a posse of droids and attempted to fake a bank robbery with his personal starship. Using the Niima Outpost secretary droid CZ-1G5—whom Lovas had modified the programming of—the Kubaz deleted the records of money stored in his computer core to make it appear as if they had been stolen, when in reality they were simply hidden so that he could transfer them to a personal account. Lovas set up CZ-1G5 to take the fall, but his plan was deciphered by the Office of the Constable and the Kubaz was subsequently arrested for his crime.[1]

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