"You know you already have your clan's support, and my father will give you his. If they do agree to unite, you are the only one they will follow."
―Tassa, to Rikkar-Du[1]

Rikkar-Du was a male clan chief of the four-armed Codru-Ji species and native of the planet Munto Codru. At some point he was kidnapped by a rival clan, and eventually married Tassa, the daughter of that clan's chief. Their marriage united their two clans, and the couple conceived a son, Jassar. In 137 ABY, Rikkar-Du was approached by the Sith Lord Darth Kruhl, who proposed that the clan leader ally with Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, and, in return, the Empire would ensure that he would lead all of Munto Codru's clans. Rikkar-Du refused the offer and instead attempted to unite the clans against the Empire, but he was killed by Kruhl before he could form an alliance.


Clan leader[]

"The luckiest day of my life was when your clan kidnapped me. How else would we ever have met? And the union of our two clans with our marriage gave me a vision of all the clans uniting."
―Rikkar-Du, to his wife, Tassa[1]

Born and raised on the planet Munto Codru, the male Codru-Ji Rikkar-Du became the chief of his clan sometime during his adult life. At some point he was kidnapped and imprisoned by a rival clan, and, during his incarceration, he met his future wife, Tassa, who was the daughter of the clan's chief. The two fell in love, and they eventually married, which united their rival clans and gave Rikkar-Du a high position among the Codru-Ji. During their marriage Rikkar-Du and Tassa had a son, Jassar.[1]

In 137 ABY, Rikkar-Du was approached by a Sith Lord of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, Darth Kruhl. Kruhl had been sent to annex Munto Codru for the Empire, and attempted to negotiate for it peacefully with Rikkar-Du, due to his revered status among his species. Kruhl offered to give Rikkar-Du command of all of the Codru-Ji clans if he allowed the Empire to build a base on the planet. Although the uniting of two clans through Rikkar-Du's wedding had given him a vision of all the Codru-Ji clans uniting, Rikkar-Du was unwilling to allow the Empire to subjugate his homeworld to achieve it. He resolved to attempt to unite the clans against Kruhl and the Sith.[1]

Rikkar-Du decided to call a meeting for all of the clan leaders to discuss a possible defense against the Sith. After revealing his meeting with Kruhl and the Sith's intentions, Rikkar-Du proposed a plan to the clan leaders to let the Empire take the planet, and then abduct their key personnel, using the Codru-Ji's well-known and time-honored strategies of staging coups, plotting, and kidnapping. Some of the clan leaders agreed with him, and others pointed out that no matter which decision they chose, Rikkar-Du would still lead the combined clans. Rikkar-Du stated that he would lead if the clans decided he should, but that he was willing to let another take command as long as they united and opposed the Sith. Nothing was done by the meeting's end, however. Rikkar-Du told the clan leaders there to discuss his plan with the elders in their respective clans, and he called for another meeting the next day. Afterward, Rikkar-Du met with Tassa and Jassar, though he decided to leave and walk around a temple after a conversation with his wife.[1]


"You doomed him as well as yourself with your defiance. Or did you think the Sith would make an enemy and allow him to live?"
―Darth Kruhl, to Rikkar-Du, speaking of Jassar's death[1]

Rikkar-Du is attacked by Darth Kruhl.

After hearing of Rikkar-Du's plans to oppose the Sith, Kruhl returned to Munto Codru and met with him in the same temple. Knowing that Kruhl was going to kill him for his actions against the Sith, Rikkar-Du decided to defend himself using two security droids. Unknown to Rikkar-Du, Kruhl had discovered the Codru-Ji's intention and destroyed the droids before entering the temple. Rikkar-Du was surprised to see Kruhl reveal that he deactivated them by using the Force to levitate their severed cranial units and deposit them at the Codru-Ji's feet. Prepared to die, Rikkar-Du drew out four knives, one for each arm he possessed, and attacked the Sith Lord. In defense, Kruhl used his lightsaber to defeat Rikkar-Du by severing one of his hands.[1]

While Rikkar-Du was dying, Jassar arrived and tried to attack Kruhl to protect his father, though he was struck down with ease by Kruhl. After explaining that resistance to the Empire was futile, Kruhl turned his blade on Rikkar-Du and proceeded to kill him. Shortly after Rikkar-Du's death, Kruhl was met by Kassek-Ka, another clan leader who had attended Rikkar-Du's meeting. Kassek-Ka informed Kruhl that he had killed Tassa and that he was ready to let the Sith take control of Munto Codru. With Rikkar-Du's death, Munto Codru fell to Sith control.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"But you would still command this alliance, Rikkar-Du -- just as the Sith planned."
"If that is the will of the clans. Or pick another."
―Kassek-Ka and Rikkar-Du discuss uniting the clans against the Sith[1]

Rikkar-Du was a member of the four-armed Codru-Ji species. He had light skin, brown hair, and green eyes. He wore a bandanna on his head, which was adorned with beads and braids, as well as a simple tunic with a fabric belt around his waist. Four knives were attached to the belt, one for each of Rikkar-Du's hands, and he was able to wield all four simultaneously in battle. First and foremost a warrior, Rikkar-Du cared deeply for his planet and was ready to die to stop the Sith's takeover of Munto Codru. He was an adept leader who worked willingly with other clans to unite them, and while he was willing to serve as the leader of the combined clans, he had no compunctions about letting another command as long as they opposed the Sith. Rikkar-Du was devoted to his wife and child, and was devastated when he saw Darth Kruhl kill Jassar, his only son.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Rikkar-Du appeared for the first and last time in Legacy (2006) 13, published by Dark Horse in 2007. The comic was written by John Ostrander and penciled by Colin Wilson. His character is used to further the character of Darth Kruhl, who is featured in the issue. Although the comic never specifies whether the letter D in Rikkar-Du's name is capitalized, it is written as uppercase in the 2008 reference book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, in which the character has an entry.[2]



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