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"Okay, pay attention: Imperials bad. Do not let them see you. That's the plan."

Riley was a human female[2] thief active during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Riley and her younger sibling were orphaned on the mining colony of Burnin Konn. The two were renowned for their skill as thieves until Riley was injured in a fall from a building, after which she gained a cybernetic leg brace to compensate for her injury. She became mostly a planner following this incident.[1]

Sometime after the Battle of Endor, Riley met up with Irving Boys in the Anoat sector to work for them in a form of apprenticeship, but they dumped her at the last wayfarers' node. Fortunately, she kept the "onboarding pack" that Irving Boys gave her, that included waterproof poncho, hyperspace sextant, Huttese phrase book, fake piloting license template, spice purity testing kit, insulated Devaronian Explorers starscatter bedroll, and Smuggler's Guide logbook. Because of her previous work with the Ivax Syndicate, Riley sought out the Red Key Raiders, a syndicate that she admired for their work in gutting the Hutt syndicate and wished to work in some capacity with them. She sought out the Gabdorin named Quiggold who she believed could have some connections to the Red Key Raiders. Quiggold instead referred her to the Gray Gundarks for work in exchange for a satchel which contained the Smuggler's Guide. She recorded her exploits in the logbook.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

Riley was voiced by actress Catherine Taber.

Riley was consistently depicted as a fair-skinned human in the game's promotional material.[4][5] This was ultimately confirmed in the 2018 reference book Star Wars: Smuggler's Guide.[2]

Physical appearance[]

In Star Wars: Uprising, the appearance of Riley depends on what species and skin tone/color the player chooses for their character. Riley's gender does not change in correlation with The Smuggler's gender.[3]



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