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"There was no misunderstanding, Uwa. Chief Beonel saw what he saw, and made his choice."
―Rill and Uwa Pareece discuss Beon Beonel's rejection of further talks with the Alderaanians[1]

Rill was an Espirion male who held the title of consul on his homeworld of Espirion during the war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, he helped to arrange a meeting between Beon Beonel, the chief of Espirion's Alder-Espirion hybrid population, and two representatives of Princess Leia Organa of the planet Alderaan, Jora Astane and Uwa Pareece.

The representatives hoped to persuade Beonel and his people to join Organa's forces, as all Alderaanians were being hunted by the Empire following their homeworld's destruction. However, their efforts failed after Beonel realized that Astane was disgusted by his mixed ancestry. At the representatives' urging, Rill tried to organize further talks and was eventually persuaded to promise Beonel that Organa would meet him personally, but the chief was uninterested.


Working with the Alderaanians[]

"Ah, the one you're here to meet has arrived. Jora Astane and Uwa Pareece, meet Alder-Espirion Chief Beon Beonel."
―Rill introduces the Alderaanians to Beon Beonel[1]

Rill organized a meeting between Beon Beonel, Jora Astane, and Uwa Pareece.

The Espirion[2] male Rill worked as a consul on his homeworld of Espirion during the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin,[1] in 0 ABY,[3] Princess Leia Organa of the planet Alderaan set out to rescue surviving members of her homeworld's population, as they were being hunted by the Empire following Alderaan's destruction.[1]

Organa planned to visit the Alder-Espirion population on Espirion, but due to Imperial entanglements on the planet Skaradosh, she was forced to send two representatives in her place: Jora Astane and Uwa Pareece. Rill made the arrangements for the pair to meet with Beon Beonel, the chief of the Alder-Espirions, and accompanied them to the meeting in an open, urban area on Espirion.[1]

An awkward meeting[]

"I won't lie for you. Don't ask me again."
―Rill refuses to send Jora Astane's false apology to Beon Beonel[1]

Rill spoke with Jora Astane and Uwa Pareece in his office.

Upon Beonel's arrival at the meeting, Astane and Pareece were surprised to learn that the Alder-Espirions were actually a species of hybrids created by the integration of Alderaanian immigrants into the local Espirion population. Beonel immediately realized that Astane was disgusted by his mixed heritage and refused to participate in the talks any further, leaving immediately. Astane and Pareece then accompanied Rill back to his office, where Astane asked the consul to send her apologies to the chief. Rill refused, as her gesture was clearly a lie, and suggested that Beonel might be appeased if Organa herself had the time to visit.[1]

Hoping to resolve the problem, Pareece begged Rill to contact Beonel with a promise that Organa herself would meet him when she could.[1] Beonel was uninterested in the offer of meeting with Organa but eventually changed his mind and chose to join with the other Alderaanians after hearing a speech that the princess made to an Alderaanian fleet that had gathered in orbit above Espirion.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Please tell her that while Espirion would sorely miss any member of its Alderaanian family, it is our pleasure to facilitate their right to choose their new home."
―Rill gives Uwa Pareece a message for Leia Organa[1]

Rill had red-and-black skin, black hair, and green-and-yellow eyes. While hosting Leia Organa's Alderaanian representatives, Rill claimed that he and his planet would be sad to see any of the Alder-Espirions leave with Organa's Alderaanian fleet but noted that his people were happy to facilitate giving the Alder-Espirions the choice to leave if they wished. Rill refused to deceive Beon Beonel for Jora Astane, who offered a false apology regarding her disgust for Beonel's mixed ancestry, and told her not to ask him to lie for her again.[1]


Rill wore gray and tan robes while attending the meeting with the Alderaanians, closely matching the outfit of Beon Beonel and other Espirions.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Rill first appeared in Princess Leia 4,[1] which was released on June 3, 2015[5] as part of the Star Wars: Princess Leia comic book series. The story was written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Terry Dodson.[1]


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