Rillao was a Force-sensitive female Firrerreo who was trained by Darth Vader alongside her husband, Hethrir. Her facility with using the Force for healing put her at odds with the dark side ideals of her master; despite Vader's and her mate's best efforts, she simply would not succumb to it.


Upon witnessing Hethrir sentencing their homeworld of Firrerre to death and learning about Darth Vader's plans to turn their unborn child to the dark side, Rillao fled to a remote planet. She evaded capture for years and raised her son, Tigris, who had been born without a connection to the Force. Eventually, Hethrir caught up with Rillao, putting her into a torture net on one of his sleeper ships and kidnapping Tigris. Fourteen years after the Battle of Yavin, Leia Organa Solo came upon Rillao while searching for her own missing children, convincing her to help her deal with Hethrir.

After being reunited with Tigris, who Hethrir brainwashed into thinking his mother was a traitor who stole any Force potential Tigris may have had, and the defeat of Hethrir, mother and son chose to reacquaint themselves with each other, though the boy was hostile at first.



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