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"Jatz musician Fitz Roi […] has once again managed to bring his concert tour to a blasting halt when his latest exploit resulted in immediate expulsion from Rimma, where he was due to perform in a concert the following morning."
―A news report by TriNebulon News[6]

Rimma was an astronomical object in the Core Worlds, situated on the super-hyperroute known as the Rimma Trade Route. The city of Recardeon was located on Rimma, as was a set of ancient ruins. Several scrolls discovered in the latter by 3637 BBY noted the existence of the artifacts known as the Three Great Works.

Four thousand years later, the jatz musician Fitz Roi was set to perform on Rimma. However, on the day before his concert, Roi caused an incident in the Crystal Room of the Teirra Parko establishment in which he fired his projectile pistols at various historical artifacts kept in the room, causing damage to the artwork on display. Local officials immediately expelled Roi from Rimma, and the millions of the musician's fans engaged in riots in Recardeon upon learning of the concert's cancellation.

Another instance of rioting on Rimma occurred at some point during the Galactic Civil War, when mobs of the residents of the Norsec shanty town entered the suburbs of Recardeon and looted the private residences located there. The Imperial governor of the Rimma system, Alyk Krysusten, subsequently issued a public declaration in which he claimed the mobs had been incited by Rebel Alliance provocateurs, further stating that the government would take strict security measures as a result of the disorders.


Rimma was a terrestrial astronomical object[4] located in the Rimma system, a part of the Southern Core portion of[2] the Core Worlds.[1] The Rimma system served as a navigational anchor point on the Rimma Trade Route[7] super-hyperroute,[8] which connected it to the Core Worlds' Dentaal system and the Giju system in the Colonies.[2]


The artifacts of Rimma[]

"Rimma officials were not amused when Roi, while patronizing the Teirra Parko, wildly shot his famous antique projectile pistols at random fixtures in the Crystal Room."
―A news report by TriNebulon News[6]
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At some point by 3637 BBY,[9] several scrolls were discovered in a set of ancient ruins on Rimma. The documents noted the existence of the artifacts known as the Three Great Works. By that year, only two of the artifacts had been recovered, and[4] the future commander of the Eternal Alliance[10] sent a companion on a search for the third of the Great Works.[4]

Around the date 35:1:22, the famed jatz musician Fitz Roi visited Rimma as part of his[6] Core-wide Summerside Tour of concerts.[11] Millions of fans of Roi's music flocked to the city of Recardeon on Rimma from all over the star system. On the day before he was to perform in a concert in Recardeon, Roi visited the Teirra Parko establishment, where another occupant of the Crystal Room issued a challenge to him. In response, the musician started firing his famous antique projectile pistols at the Crystal Room's fixtures in a random, uncontrolled fashion. In the ensuing chaos, several historical artifacts were either destroyed or damaged.[6]

Rimma officials responded immediately and permanently deported Roi from the celestial body, bringing his concert tour to a halt. Roi's fans, upon learning of the concert's cancellation, engaged in rioting, which caused several hundred thousand credits' worth of damage to properties in downtown Recardeon. On 35:1:22, TriNebulon News covered the Crystal Room incident in a news report issued from Recardeon.[6]

Disorders in Recardeon[]

"Mobs of angry, desperate beggars surged into Recardeon's northern suburbs, looting private residences and several estates before reaching the industrial sector and stout resistance from corporate security troops."
―A news report[5]

During the Galactic Civil War, Alyk Krysusten served the Galactic Empire as the governor of the Rimma system.[7] At some point during that conflict, the inhabitants of the Norsec shanty town started rioting, entering the suburbs of Recardeon and looting private residences there. Upon reaching the industrial sector of the city, the mobs encountered fierce resistance from troops of corporate security.[5]

In response to the disorders, Krysusten made a public declaration the following day. The governor claimed that his intelligence sources indicated the inhabitants of the Norsec shanty town had been incited to riot by political dissidents affiliated with the Rebel Alliance. According to Krysusten's declaration, the Rebel provocateurs were also living in the slum district, hiding among the huts of the locals while in the process of establishing a permanent base of operations. The governor ordered an increase in security checks throughout Recardeon and traffic restrictions from outlying areas of the city.[5]

Later that day, Krysusten was scheduled to meet with Iolyn Travanne, the commander of the local garrison, and the citizens of Recardeon expected that Imperial stormtroopers would be ordered by the government to overrun the Norsec district in order to disperse its populace and eliminate any Rebel presence. The rioting in Recardeon and its aftermath was later reported on by media.[5]


"Several of Rimma's historical artistic artifacts on display in the Crystal Room were damaged or destroyed in the chaos, and officials moved quickly to deport Roi permanently from Rimma."
―A news report by TriNebulon News[6]

Rimma was the site of the city of Recardeon. It featured an industrial sector as well as suburbs located in the northern section. Private residences and several estates were located in the suburbs.[5] The establishment known as the Teirra Parko was also located in Recardeon, and it contained the Crystal Room. In the latter, several of Rimma's historical artifacts of artistic value were displayed.[6] Outside of Recardeon's northern suburbs lay a large district known as the Norsec shanty town. Desperate and angry beggars lived in hovels in the slum district.[5] In addition, a set of ancient ruins[4] and a garrison of the Imperial Military were also located on Rimma.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Rimma was first mentioned in the "Galaxywide NewsNets" feature of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 3, which was published in August 1994. The feature was authored by Paul Sudlow.[6] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Rimma system, and therefore the celestial body Rimma, in grid square L-13.[2]



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