"Ring Race" is a comic story written by Martin Fisher, drawn by Bob Molesworth, and edited by Gunther Nickel. The story was published in the first issue of Star Wars Rebels Magazine, which was originally released in the UK on January 28, 2015, in the US on October 20, 2015 and later in Australia in the May 2016 issue of K-Zone Volume 17, Number 5 magazine.


The crew of the Ghost arrives at the backwater Osisis Station in need of parts to repair their ship. Hera Syndulla is convinced that the station's owner Galus Vez will be able to get the parts that they need. Galus is quick to turn down their request for parts, citing the previous Imperial attention that The Ghost's visits have brought. Galus challenges Hera to a race in Fool's Run, with The Ghost placed as the stakes. Fearing that Galus might turn them over to the Empire if she declines, Hera accepts his conditions.

As the crew leaves Galus's throne room, Sabine Wren reveals that no one has ever beaten Galus at the Fool's Run course. Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger look on as Hera boards The Ghost and takes her place beside Galus's ship, the Splendour. Galus begins the race with a heavy lead, but Hera is able to use her exceptional piloting skills to navigate a shortcut through an asteroid field. Galus activates several decoy false asteroids to block Hera's path. Kanan and Ezra look on in horror as The Ghost takes damage from the new obstacles. They decide to take matters into their own hands, using the force to move asteroids into Galus's path. He is surprised by this quick change in the course and his ship is badly damaged in an impact. Hera takes advantage of his misstep to take the lead and win the race.

Galus returns to Osisis Station in a rage. He accuses Hera of cheating and attacks the crew of The Ghost. Ezra and Kanan are able to use their force powers to stun Galus's men and end the violent confrontation. With the situation turned in their favor, Galus is forced to give them the parts that they need to repair The Ghost. Galus attempts to delete all record of The Ghost crew's presence, but he fails to notice graffiti of the Phoenix Cell symbol left by Sabine.


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Notes and references[]

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  2. An email from Martin Fisher, author of "Ring Race," to Wookieepedian LelalMekha reveals that "Ring Race" takes place between "Fighter Flight" and "Rise of the Old Masters". "Rise of the Old Masters" takes place between "Fighter Flight" and "Breaking Ranks," which are both dated to 5 BBY by Star Wars: Galactic Atlas, meaning that "Ring Race" must also take place in 5 BBY