Rings of Bright Water was a roleplaying game adventure included in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, published by West End Games in 1987. The adventure centered on a team of Alliance advisors assisting the native Sessehshellah of Shaymore to combat their Imperial occupiers.


The planet Shaymore has been occupied by Imperial forces intent on extracting the world's hydrocarbons. The native Sessehshellah approach the Alliance for aid in the form of weapons and support to fight their invaders. Despite being technological unsophisticated, the Alliance recognizes that the Sessehshellah will fight the Imperials with or without their help, so commission an Alliance team to deliver laser weapons and advisors to train them in resistance tactics.

The team, using the Dorion Discus to deliver the supplies, meets with the Sessehshellah. At first, there is a culture clash as the Sessehshellah see the Alliance's caution and practical thinking as antithetical to their way of doing things, mistaking it for a lack of courage and daring. The Sessehshellah recklessly attack an Imperial patrol, which results in a punitive raid that destroys a Sesseh' village. After that incident, the Sessehshellah begin to take more heed of the Alliance's calls to indirect and subtle means of combat. The Alliance team also learns to respect the native's knowledge of their planet and their special talents.

The Alliance and Sessehshellah sabotage an Imperial power station, stealing a comm unit scrambler in the process and learning that the Imperial's hydrocarbon operation is vulnerable. Production needs to be increased ten-fold in a year, or the operation will have to be abandoned. Reserves are also dwindling, and the hydrocarbons stored in the Imperial hydrocarbon refinery on the planet represent a significant amount of the Empire's reserves.

Coming up with a suitable plan, the Alliance and Sessehshellah sabotage the Imperial hydrocarbon refinery. The destruction of the facility causes the operation to be shut down, and the Imperial commander to be recalled in disgrace.


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