Rini was a male Skrilling communications expert and slicer who worked at Banvhar Station during the Clone Wars.


After the Banvhar station was attacked by the Confederacy of Independent Systems under the command of General Grievous, Rini, along with a group of miners assisted Flynn Kybo, B'dard Tone, and Codi Ty to hunt down the murderous droid general. However, Rini initially failed in his attempt to crack the code of the Separatists to hear their radio conversations and pinpoint Grievous' position.

Shortly thereafter, Rini sent three probes into Anoat system that should find Grievous location. When it turned out that Grievous was on the moon Belsus, Rini, Stellskard and the three Jedi left with a stolen Trade Federation freighter and set course to the location to free the young Jedi Initiates that were held captive by the Separatists.

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