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Rinn was a backwater planet in the Outer Rim Territories and the homeworld of the Tintinna.


Rinn was a primitive, little-know, and rarely visited world located in the Outer Rim. Its native species was called Tintinna, also known as Tin-Tin Dwarves. Tintinna lived in underground burrows and, without outside help, their technology advanced to the point of steam power. Because of its remote location, Rinn was appreciated by smugglers as a hiding place.[1]


Rinn was a long-established planet located near Hutt Space. Histories of the planet talked about the ancient Hutts, previous to their civil war, with horror and fear.[5]

The planet Rinn remained neutral during the Clone Wars.[6] During the Galactic Civil War, assassin X-7 hired a team of mercenaries to kill Luke Skywalker on Iope, one of the moons of Rinn.[3]



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