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"Informants have told us that the populace of Rintonne is not yet aware of the fall of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic. Tount's control of information is so great that he is able to enslave a whole population through fear alone."
―General Airen Cracken, New Republic[src]

Rintonne was a Mid Rim planet in the Lambda sector. A member of the Galactic Republic, Rintonne was the homeworld of Rasit Brun, the sectorial Senator representing Lambda in 32 BBY.

During the times of the Galactic Empire, Imperial Moff Par Lankin installed a planetary Governor, Serdif Tount, to rule over Rintonne. Tount restricted the natives' freedom and for three years prevented them from discovering that the Galactic Emperor had died in 4 ABY. Circa 7 ABY, the whole sector stopped being the fiefdom of an Imperial warlord.


Rintonne was a planet in the Lambda sector[2] of the Mid Rim.[1] It was relatively close to Zolan,[8] and neighboring the Ando system.[4]


"This is nothing short of an open act of warfare. I would ask the Senator representing the Trade Federation if he would agree with my perception that somebody somewhere is making a profit here by arming our Aqualish neighbors."
―Senator Rasit Brun of Lambda sector[src]

The planet Rintonne was discovered by the Galactic Republic and joined it at some point between 3000 and 1000 BBY, during a period of explorations.[9] By 32 BBY, a native of Rintonne, Rasit Brun, had become the Galactic Senator representing the whole Lambda sector before the Republic during the Separatist Crisis.[4] During the Clone Wars, Rintonne remained a part of the Republic instead of joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[10]

After the end of the war, Rintonne became a member of the Galactic Empire, under the command of Par Lankin, the Moff of the Lambda sector.[5] When the Emperor was killed in 4 ABY, Rintonne had become an Imperial fortress world. The planet resisted the advances of the New Republic during the two following years.[11]

In 7 ABY, undercover agents of New Republic Intelligence sent by General Airen Cracken studied the situation on Rintonne. By then, Moff Lankin had handed over the planet to his subordinate Governor Serdif Tount, providing him with stormtroopers and Army troops to keep control over the planet. Tount did so by restricting the freedom of the civilian population and their access to information, as well as by monitoring incoming traffic.[5] Tount was believed to have hired former Imperial Security Bureau specialist Victor Grieves, because Grieves had been seen in the Rintonne system.[12] Cracken's spies discovered that the inhabitants of Rintonne did not even know about the fall of the Empire and the creation of a New Republic. They also lacked the value to rebel against Tount because the could not see any hope of victory. However, Cracken's analysts believed that, if the New Republic could take over Rintonne, the victory could motivate other planets in the sector to rebel against Lankin.[5]

Soon afterward, the whole Lambda sector, including Rintonne, stopped being Lankin's personal fiefdom.[6] By 25 ABY, the population of Rintonne was of several billion people.[13] In 127 ABY, Rintonne was in the area of the galaxy controlled by the Sith Empire of Darth Krayt.[7]

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Rintonne was first mentioned in the roleplaying guide Wanted by Cracken (1993), published by West End Games.



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