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Riosa was a planet located in the Inner Rim region of the galaxy.[1]

Shortly after the birth of the Galactic Empire, Riosa was annexed and its factories were commandeered, with workers forced into mandatory labor and pushed to their limits to produce components to be used in the construction of both the first and second Death Stars. The planet was frequently visited by Darth Vader to enforce production quotas.[1]

Two decades into the reign of the New Republic, the world had become a faded center of manufacturing that was still struggling to rebuild itself. At that time, Riosa was a member world of the Republic, with the Centrist senator Ransolm Casterfo representing it in the Galactic Senate. Twenty-four years after the Battle of Yavin, the death penalty was restored on Riosa, which Casterfo supported. Ironically, soon after restoring the death penalty on his homeworld he was wrongly arrested for treason against the Republic and taken back to Riosa.[1]

Beverages originating from Riosa included Riosan mead and Riosan liqueur.[1]



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