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Riot clone troopers were specialized clone shock troopers of the Coruscant Guard and were utilized during the Clone Wars by the Galactic Republic for riot control and other police actions.


Riot troopers while searching for Duchess Satine

The riot troopers were units of the Coruscant Guard that were given special training in controlling crowds with the use of nonlethal weapons. Riot trooper squads were always ready for deployment, stationed in barracks spread across the Galactic City. They also assisted the Coruscant Security Force when needed, supplying backup or helping in the hunt for dangerous fugitives.

Around 21 BBY during the Clone Wars, some riot troopers were deployed in the search for Duchess Satine Kryze after she was falsely believed to have killed Davu Golec.

The riot clone trooper units were armed with riot shields and stun batons.

Behind the scenes[]

The riot clone troopers bear the color markings of the Coruscant Guard, identifying them as affiliated with the Guard.


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