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"Riot trooper, keep them away!"
―Ralsius Paldora[2]

Riot control stormtroopers,[4] also known as Imperial riot troopers,[1] stormtrooper chargers,[3] and simply riot troopers[2] were specialized Imperial stormtroopers who acted as a security force tasked with the dispersion and arrest of insurgents taking part in disruptive activities.


Stormtrooper charger

A Riot control stormtrooper on Lothal.

Riot control stormtroopers were active throughout the Galactic Civil War. In 5 BBY4 BBY, the Spectres, a Lothalite rebel cell opposing the rule of the Galactic Empire, trained against these troopers with charging droids that wielded stun batons in a cave at Haven, their hideout on Lothal.[3]

After the death of Emperor Palpatine, Dexter Jettster worried that the citizens of Coruscant would be attacked by Riot Troopers en masse for retaliation over celebrating his death and raiding the Imperial Palace.[5]

In 5 ABY, some riot control troopers were present on Takodana when Han Solo tried to extract Ralsius Paldora, and also on the Eviscerator during the Battle of Jakku, when Iden Versio crashed her X-wing into the ship in order to find her father, Garrick Versio.[2]


Riot control stormtroopers wore regular stormtrooper armor and wielded either batons[4] or electrostaffs.[1]



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