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―FN-2199, a riot control stormtrooper, to Finn[4]

The riot control stormtrooper was a specialized variant of the standard stormtrooper of the First Order. Assigned to keep order on worlds within First Order territory, they were trained in riot-control tactics and given non-lethal equipment,[1] such as lightweight composite betaplast ballistic riot shields and Z6 riot control batons[6] (which were resistant to lightsabers).[4] They also carried lethal weapons, such as the Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifle, in case situations spiraled out of control.[1][6]

During the Battle of Takodana, FN-2199, armed with a Z6 riot control baton, fought his former brother-in-arms Finn in a lightsaber duel, besting Finn until Han Solo shot him with Chewbacca's bowcaster.[4]

Riot control stormtroopers were later present aboard the Supremacy when Captain Phasma ordered the executions of both Finn and Resistance technician Rose Tico.[2]

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