Espo riot gun

An Espo riot gun

A riot gun referred to any weapon that was designed to disable or otherwise knock organic beings unconscious. There were different varieties of riot guns that used stun blasts, concussion, chemicals, or other means to disable victims. Many types of riot guns had short barrels designed to combat multiple opponents, although some were modified to target a single opponent.

Examples of riot guns included the R-88 Suppressor riot rifle, used by Imperial forces on Coruscant, which utilized Brix-C stun fluid in an aerosol spray form to neutralize victims. Another example was the BlasTech 500 riot gun used by the Corporate Sector Security Division, or Espos.

Some known users of riot guns included the bounty hunter Dengar, who used a modified version that could affect a single target with a more powerful blast.

Imperial Dungeoneers also used them.



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