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"Hevy always did hate that place."
CT-21-0408 after the base was destroyed by Hevy[src]

Rishi Station, also known as Rishi Base, was a listening post located on the Rishi moon. It warned Kamino of any incoming Separatist attacks. It was the location of a battle during the Clone Wars, during which it was destroyed by clone trooper Hevy in order to warn the Republic.



Rishi Station's command center

During the second year of the Clone Wars there was a battle, in which BX-series droid commandos killed four clone troopers, including the base's commanding officer, Sergeant O'Niner. However, rookie clone troopers Hevy, Fives, and Echo, under the command of Captain Rex and Commander Cody, retook the base. Unfortunately, reinforcements arrived when General Grievous became suspicious of the lack of response. The clones tried to blow up the base with Tibanna gas and thermal detonators, but the remote control was malfunctioning. Hevy manually detonated the explosives, destroying the listening post and killing himself in the process, to alert the Galactic Republic by disabling the All Clear signal.[2]

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Rishi Station is destroyed.



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