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The Rishi moon was a natural satellite of Rishi.


Rishi moon

The listening post.

For half the year, the moon was very cold, necessitating the use of Liquid Tibanna and similar substances to heat any inhabited areas. The moon was also covered with craters, in which lived the large predatory Rishi eels.[3] Neebray were also native to the moon.[3]


During the Clone Wars, the moon was the site of Rishi Station, a Republic listening post. The listening post was attacked by the Confederate General Grievous and his forces during the war to avoid arousing suspicion and sneak past the perimeter undetected in an attempt to attack the nearby planet Kamino, home of the clone troopers. The station was destroyed by Hevy when he sacrificed himself to set off a bomb inside the base, terminating the "All-Clear" signal and therefore alerting the Republic to the Separatist attack on Kamino.[3]



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