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"Rissa Mano. A pilot rivaling the skills of Master Plo Koon himself. She may be young and a recent addition to the rank of Jedi Knight, but her mind for engineering and her potential in battle far exceed someone of her age."
―Mace Windu, on Rissa Mano[src]

Rissa Mano, a Force-sensitive Devaronian female, was a Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the last years of the Galactic Republic. In addition to her skills as a Jedi, Mano was a gifted pilot and engineer. Jedi Master Mace Windu, who took note of Mano's talents, recruited her into a Jedi task force that he assembled to investigate Separatist activity on the jungle world of Hissrich, shortly after the start of the Clone Wars.


Early in the Clone Wars Rissa was selected by Jedi Master Mace Windu to accompany him along with Jedi Masters Kit Fisto and Prosset Dibs to Hissrich. She was selected as she was an excellent pilot, rivaling the skill of Master Plo Koon, and although she was a recent addition to the rank of Jedi Knight, she had a mind for engineering that exceeded what would be expected of someone of her age.[1] She named her blue lightsaber "Marcie."[2]

Rissa aiding Jedi Master Kit Fisto

The group used the Westwind, a T-6 shuttle unusually faster than normal thanks to a few modification Rissa did in her spare time. Once they arrived on the planet, Mano expressed her great admiration for Windu, only to a few seconds later ambush a droid patrol with him, Fisto and Dibs.[1] Afterwards they headed inside an underground cave where the indigenous lifeforms of the planet resided. Here Mano found a scout droid and, using some special lens, found that the droid was damaged but intel could still be extracted from it. Immediately afterwards the cave collapsed on top of them, revealing droids attacking them once again. In the midst of the chaos, Windu and Mano were separated from Fisto and Dibs only to find larger droids that were extracting minerals from the planet.[3]

After finishing what was left of the droids, they began recon for intel on what the droids' next moves were. After obtaining that information they headed back to the ship and awaited Fisto's and Dibs' return. When Dibs confronted and physically challenged Windu, Mano tried to stop them, but was halted by Fisto, who trusted Windu in his methods and tactics.[2]

After the fight was finished, Fisto, Windu, and Mano planned and initiated a raid to the headquarters of the droid army.[4] The three carried out their own missions in the outpost and separated to complete them. Mano was in charge of primarily destroying the last shipment of the minerals that was going to be made to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Her second mission was to save Fisto's life, which she did right before Fisto was about to be defeated. After successfully completing the mission, Dibs was put on trial and, at Windu's request, was punished by being sent to work in the Jedi Library.[5]


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