"Like others, I would forge my legacy with his defeat. For who in the galaxy would refuse to hire the one who bested Boba Fett?"
―Risso Nu[src]

Risso Nu was a Corellian bounty hunter who organized an ambush to kill Boba Fett and assume his identity.


Operating in the Core Worlds, Risso Nu built up a reputation as one of the most capable bounty hunters in that region, but he became fixated on defeating Boba Fett and claiming his position as the best hunter in the galaxy.

On the remote planet of Ma'ar Shaddam, Nu recruited others who held a grudge against the number one bounty hunter in the galaxy to join him. They would exact their revenge, and he would be able to make a name for himself. Using information he obtained from a Kowakian monkey-lizard, he found out where and when Fett would be having his armor serviced, and would be most vulnerable.

The party consisted of Toosog, Eermik, Nagyan and Mudmub, along with an droid bounty hunter. Waiting until they knew Fett to be unarmored and helpless, they raided the weaponsmiths hideaway in a mountain cavern. Although heavily armed, each one fell to an unarmed Fett. The only survivor was Risso, who actually succeeded in stealing the famous Mandalorian armor. In a last-second fit of desperation, Risso hijacked Fett's starship, Slave I, and used its missiles to destroy the cave.

Believing Boba Fett had been killed in the explosion, he donned the armor and masqueraded as Fett in a local cantina. His new-found fame was short-lived, however, when the real Boba Fett, very much alive and wearing a spare suit of armor, arrived on the scene and badly beat him before reclaiming the armor and his identity. Boba Fett decided to let him live, to remind the galaxy who was number one.

Nu survived to be number two, again. Before Risso escaped the cave, he sustained an insult from Fett, who called him "Corellian scum."



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