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Roa was a Human male smuggler who operated out of Nar Shaddaa for many years, and established himself as one of the most honorable smugglers ever known.


Roa created an unofficial doctrine followed by smugglers who wished to remain on positive terms with clients and the government, known as Roa's Rules. Roa often taught his skills to neophyte smugglers, among whom was Han Solo. Roa took Han on his first ever Kessel Run, and his first visit to Smuggler's Run.

For years, Roa courted a woman named Lwyll and proposed marriage numerous times, but she always refused unless he retired from smuggling. Their unique relationship was well-known among the Corellian sector, and everyone knew they were in love. Just prior to the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, Roa proposed again on the condition he retire from smuggling, and Lwyll accepted. However, Roa answered the call to arms against the impending Imperial attack.

Roa flew as a scout in his custom starfighter, which he named the Lwyll, after his fiancée. Upon first sighting the Imperial strike force, Roa nearly panicked and froze, but snapped out of his daze quickly. Racing back to Nar Shaddaa, Roa's ship sustained heavy damage and he barely avoided a crash landing. Even so, he narrowly escaped his burning ship before it exploded. With the conclusion of the battle, Roa settled down with Lwyll.

While visiting the Corporate Sector, Han met Roa and Lwyll again, who had left Nar Shaddaa.

Many years later, Han would meet Roa again – during the early months of the Yuuzhan Vong War. While wandering through his old haunts after the death of Chewbacca, Han encountered Roa, who was actively seeking revenge against the invaders because Lwyll had been killed by them. Through the experiences shared by Han and Roa during this time, Han was able to find the strength he needed to return to his family and avenge Chewbacca.

Roa was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong along with Fasgo at the Battle of Ord Mantell and taken as a yammosk-tending slave aboard the Crèche. He was later rescued by Han Solo.



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