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The Roamer-6 was a breath mask produced by Gandorthral Atmospherics.


Han Solo wearing a Roamer-6.

The Roamer-6 was a compact mask worn over the user's lower face and held in place by an adjustable strap. The mask was connected to a compressed gas tank and purifier by a flexible air hose. It also contained an integrated comlink. The gas tank unit was small enough to be carried, worn on the belt or slipped into a pocket. The mask's air purifier had six versatile filters.

It could provide breathable air for 6 hours, and had a 10 minute supply of compressed air for use in atmospheres with no breathable gases.


Han Solo and Chewbacca carried several Roamer-6 masks aboard the Millennium Falcon, and once used them to explore the belly of a space slug in the Hoth asteroid field following the Battle of Hoth.

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